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Revue Technique Mercedes Vito Torrent

Revue Technique Mercedes Vito Torrent

Revue Technique Mercedes Vito Torrent

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Revue Technique Mercedes Vito Torrent

The Mercedes Vito was a mid-sized sedan released in March 1958 by the British motor company Daimler-Benz. The car, which was released in a coupé and saloon version and was named after the small river Vitù, Italy is an example of both the first generation of the Mercedes-Benz saloons, as well as the first generation of the mid-sized model range. The Vito was also the basis for the slightly larger Mercedes-Benz 220SE.
The Mercedes-Benz 250SE was a concept car unveiled in 1953 during the 50th .
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Tävlingen fortsätter! Tävlingen erbjuder skattelös utbildning av Åonion-tekniken, som ÅGift, CPA-föreläsningar och mycket mer. Mängder av skattelösa ämnen kommer att delas ut under Ã¥ret.
The Mercedes-Benz Vito was first presented at the Motor Show in Stuttgart in September 1958. It was Daimler-Benz's first all-new front engine, rear-wheel drive model. The Vito's wheelbase was extended, body lengthened and the engine and engine cover simplified. It also had a freer turning "star wheel" pattern and double side indicator lights.
The Vito's launch was presented with a major publicity campaign by the German television giant ARD. The Vito, in spite of being a performance-oriented model, was built to relatively "staid" proportions. The Vito was produced for exactly one year, before being replaced by the larger model, the Mercedes-Benz 250SE.
The Mercedes-Benz Vito was introduced in the spring of 1958 as the first of the new generation of Daimler-Benz saloons, and was closely related to the earlier Mercedes-Benz 180. Like the Mercedes-Benz 180, the Vito was available only in coupé form. The name Vito is presumably short for Viennese, due to its Austrian market launch at the Närkemöteskammaren in Vienna in March 1958.
The Vito's engine was a single overhead camshaft-operated, four-cylinder

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